Tommy Bingamon Max Out 5/19/2016

Tommy Bingamon Max Out 5/19/2016

I can’t say enough about Tommy’s work ethic.  This is a kid who had a broken tibia four months and one day ago.  Here are his numbers after only five weeks of training:

(Max before Veritas/Max after five weeks of Veritas Strength and Conditioning)

Bench – 115/135

Powerclean – 115/135

Squat – 135/185

Bench Reps – 1 (115 lbs.)/ 7 (115 lbs.)

Dips – 5/17

Raw Vertical – 20″/23.5″

Max Vertical (3 steps) – 24.5″/28″

Proud of you Tommy!  And this is only one phase.  We still have five more to go before your senior basketball season!

Veritas Athlete
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