Recruiting Step 1

In an effort to educate our clients on the recruiting process, I will be highlighting the recruiting process in a series of posts.  This will cover the entire recruiting process over four years of high-school in a brief snapshot.

Step 1: What Schools Interest You?

The first step is to figure out what is important to you in choosing a school.  Do you want to stay close to home?  What is your most important factor in making a decision – financial aid, academic prestige, athletic prestige, playing time?  What schools offer academic programs that you are interested in?  If money is the most important factor, is the school public or private?  Is it in-state or out-of-state?  Do you know anyone that attended that school (this may help with admissions)?

Once you figure out what you want in a school, pick 20-80 schools (20 per remaining year of high school) that you are really interested in.  Each year, you will narrow down this list depending on your interest, as well as which colleges are interested in you.

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